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Supercharge Your Energy, Release Excess Weight & Thrive With Whole Food, Plant-Based Nutrition
(without counting calories or extreme workouts!)
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Here's What You're Going to Learn For FREE:
How profit-driven food companies hijack your brain to get you hooked on processed foods & junk foods. (And, how you can thrive in the midst of this modern-day food crisis!)
3 major health myths that may be stopping you from taking your health into your hands (& what science actually proves to be true!)
The best foods to eat to prevent heart disease, release excess weight and support longevity (according to research).
7 benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle (and how eating real foods, mostly plants, can save your life!)
The most important nutrients you need to feel your best. And, how you can get all the protein you need through plants.
Hi! I'm Katrina, Whole Food, Plant-Based, Clean Eating Nutrition Guide and Ayurvedic Health Coach.

I help clients shift to a whole food, plant-based lifestyle so that they can release excess weight,
prevent chronic lifestyle diseases like heart disease, boost their energy, and increase mental clarity. 
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